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Shaping Business Minds Through Art - The Artian Podcast

The Artian Hosted by Nir Hindi

In this show, we expose the way artists think and how they influence business innovation. You can expect unique speakers who will share their tips, ideas, and methods to develop an artistic mindset in business. We often think about art as an object – a painting, a song, a movie, a sculpture, or a play. But what if we learned that art is actually a mindset, a way of thinking and operating in the world? A mindset, that more than ever could, and should, be applied to the world of business, technology, and innovation.In this podcast, Nir Hindi, founder of The Artian, fascinated by entrepreneurship and art, is searching to learn how artists think, why art can influence business, what innovators and business leaders can learn from artists, and much more.This is a series of interviews with a wide range of people from artists, entrepreneurs, or business professionals that all have one thing in common: relationship to art. We invite you to join us as we explore this path for developing an artistic mindset.

Recent Episodes

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